Xiaomi's first smartwatch could feature Google Wear OS

Xiaomi's first smartwatch could feature Google Wear OS

Not more than a week ago we were advancing the registration by patch of Xiaomi of the denomination My Watch Color . A commercial name that would give rise to the first smart watch of the firm, which has now been discovered that it could arrive with Google's Wear OS as an operating system.

To date, Xiaomi only has its Mi Band within the wearable sector , being in this case Huami the manufacturer of Amazfit smart watches that we mistakenly associate with Xiaomi. That is why the news of the appearance of the name My Watch Color moved many to the possibility that the firm was about to launch its first smartwatch to the market.

Xiaomi Mi Watch would arrive with Wear OS

Now, thanks to 9to5Google, it has been discovered that part of the source code of the latest version of Wear OS includes references to Xiaomi , implying that the Mi Watch probably arrives with this Google operating system.

Xiaomi’s first smartwatch could feature Google’s Wear OS. Xiaomi Addicted News

Lines of code where Xiaomi is mentioned in Wear OS.

Great news if we consider that currently Wear OS is the operating system par excellence within wearables , with a large number of applications, as well as one of the best media and updates for the future. In addition, the fact of having Wear OS makes us think that this first Xiaomi smart watch will probably reach the global market.

Even so, at the moment it is not known much beyond this new detail, something that as little as it may seem, confirms once again the existence of this Xiaomi smartwatch and its possibility of coming to the market shortly.

Source | 9to5Google

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