"No noise, no waves, no CO2 emissions": Paris relies on floating water taxis

"No noise, no waves, no CO2 emissions": Paris relies on floating water taxis

Since her inauguration, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has been a constant wind in transport policy. For example, it closed off part of the Seine's road for traffic and wants to drastically reduce the number of cars in the city . Older diesel vehicles were also banned from the French capital . At the same time, Hidalgo was open to new forms of transport. So, two years ago, she sat in a water taxi called the Sea Bubble and generated so much attention. Now the small boats, powered by an electric motor and capable of speeds up to 30 kilometers per hour, are ready for commercial use. Currently there are therefore test runs on the Seine until the end of the week. From next spring passengers could then be transported across the water.

Image: Sea Bubbles

The boats float half a meter above the water

Already the company around founder Alain Thebault advertises with the slogan: "No noise, no waves, no CO2 emissions". The first and the last point should be immediately clear: If the electric motor is powered by electricity from renewable energies, there will be no CO2 emissions and virtually no noise. But why do not the boats cause waves? This is due to the special construction. Because the Sea Bubbles do not ride on the water, but hover up to fifty inches above the river. This allows comparatively high speeds without too much energy consumption. It also has the positive side effect that just no waves occur and so the other users of the Seine are not disturbed. Inventor Thebault therefore also speaks of a mixture of car, plane and ship.
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Other cities have already registered interest

In Paris, plans to implement this new form of transport are the most advanced. Numerous other cities – including Amsterdam, Zurich and Monaco – have also already registered interest. In addition, some cities are already handling part of their traffic via waterways. If so far – such as in Bangkok – ships with internal combustion engine are used, the Sea Bubbles could represent an environmentally friendly alternative. However, a prerequisite is that the passengers also reach their destination. A test drive on Lake Geneva about a year ago raised doubts: There, one of the boats sank to the bottom. From Paris, however, so far no similar incidents have been reported. Currently, it can be assumed that in about half a year, up to four passengers can travel through Paris with a Sea Bubble.

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