Flight taxi over Stuttgart: The Volocopter flew for the first time in Germany

Flight taxi over Stuttgart: The Volocopter flew for the first time in Germany

The symbolism could not have been better: Immediately in front of the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart, where the great history of the automobile company is honored with the star, viewers could now take a look into the future. Because the flight taxi of the startup Volocopter flew there for about four minutes his rounds. The place was of course not chosen by accident: Mercedes is involved in the startup and used the flight in Germany for PR purposes. Among other things, the new Daimler CEO Ola Källenius was on site and was enthusiastic about the new development. However, the flight also showed some limitations. In the future, taxis will fly autonomously. In Stuttgart, the Volocopter was still controlled by a pilot on the ground.

First flight on home soil: The Volocopter developed in Germany.

Baden-Württemberg's prime minister is enthusiastic

From a purely technical point of view, that would not have been necessary. Because the new aircraft has completed its autonomous maiden flight about two years ago in Dubai . In Germany, however, the legal basis is still missing. The same applies to a commercial operation of airline taxis. However, Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter was optimistic: He expects a solution within the next two to three years. The support of the policy seems to be certain in any case the project. Even Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann praised the Volocopter and announced that he wanted to use it himself. However, the first commercial flights in Germany should still take place with a pilot on board. In any case, experience from the aviation industry has shown that it makes customers feel much safer .
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Germany could take a leading role in taxis

The Volocopter looks a bit like a helicopter. But it is held by a total of 18 rotors in the air, which are driven by an electric motor. The taxis are to be used especially in densely populated inner cities. There they can help to ease the traffic situation by simply flying over traffic jams. In addition to Volocopter but also some other startups work on similar plans. For example, the Munich-based company Lilium Aviation is developing a mini-sized electric aircraft with similar capabilities. Here, too, a successful test flight took place in Germany . Basically, Germany seems to be well positioned in the field of air taxi. However, experts point out that the corresponding legal framework must now be created swiftly.

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