"The Walking Dead" director teasers fierce start for season 10 at

"The Walking Dead" director teasers fierce start for season 10 at

The first two episodes of the tenth "The Walking Dead" -Staffel will be quite blatant. Greg Nicotero has just betrayed that for many fans as a mastermind behind the scary-beautiful masks of "The Walking Dead" biter has been a household name for years.

Attention, spoilers!

The following news contains Spoiler on Season 10 of "The Walking Dead". So you continue reading at your own risk.

"The Walking Dead" starts with a bang in Season 10

As part of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, Nicotero said the first two episodes of Season 10 are "pretty fierce" and he can not wait for fans to see them (via comic book ). And he has to know: After all, he led as usual at the season opener directing.

Of course, Nicotero did not reveal what exactly is going to happen in Episode 1 and 2 of the upcoming season. Since a few days ago, titles and short descriptions of Season 10 in the network made the rounds, but we can make their own assumptions. So the united communities in episode 1 ("Lines We Cross") will train together with the ladies from Oceanside for the fight against the Whisperer. That especially Carol will not stick to the limit set by the whisperers, showed already the trailer for Season 10 . Overall, we can look forward to some decisions that trigger developments in the direction of Whisperer War.

"We are the end of the world"

In episode 2 ("We Are the End of the World"), however, the storyline revolves around the Whisperer, specifically the origin of the strange relationship between alpha and beta. What awaits us then, recently announced a new teaser clip on Twitter, which staged the creepy leader couple of Whisperer.

broadcast Tip

On October 7, Season 10 of "The Walking Dead" kicks off on Sky.

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