WhatsApp messages arrive only when I open WhatsApp: What to do?

WhatsApp messages arrive only when I open WhatsApp: What to do?

"WhatsApp messages arrive only when I open WhatsApp" … do you know this problem too? We reveal what you can do about it.

WhatsApp messages arrive late: That's what to do

Often the problem lies with the smartphone itself and not with WhatsApp. Here are a few possible solutions:

  1. Restarting the smartphone: It may sound banal, but a restart of the smartphone can often help with problems – especially when it comes to temporary errors. So if WhatsApp messages arrive late, just turn off the phone and then turn it on again. Maybe this will fix the problem.
  2. Check network quality: Check if the WhatsApp error occurs in both the WLAN and the mobile network. If the messages arrive late on a mobile Internet connection, there seems to be a problem here. If in doubt, contact your mobile service provider.
  3. Reinstallation: Sometimes it only helps to delete WhatsApp and reinstall the latest version. The problem may be resolved by this update.

Solutions especially for Android

Especially under Android, the problem with late WhatsApp messages seems to be particularly common. Here are a few suggested solutions specifically for WhatsApp on Android:

  1. Background data : In order to prevent WhatsApp messages from arriving when you open the app, background data must be activated under Android. As of Android 7.0, this is done via Settings> Network & Internet> Data Usage> Data Saving Mode> Unrestricted Data Access> Google Play Store App> WhatsApp.
  2. Start Wi-Fi in standby: "Settings> Wi-Fi> Advanced> Turn off Wi-Fi optimization> Keep Wi-Fi in Standby".
  3. Apps: Check to see if you've installed a new app since the bug appeared that may cause problems with WhatsApp. If yes, then uninstall it on a trial basis.
  4. Task Killer app: Have you ever installed a so-called task killer app such as Advanced Task Manager or App Terminator? These programs terminate processes of unused apps processes to save battery and memory – which of course can be a problem with WhatsApp. So, try and disable the Task Killer app and see if WhatsApp messages are still late.
  5. Fix via App: Try the Android App Push Notifications Fixer . The application checks if your push notifications are working properly and fixes any bugs.
  6. Huawei / Honor: With smartphones from Huawei or Honor, the WhatsApp error seems to be particularly prevalent. Reason is apparently a software error in the user interface EMUI. Here usually only the wait for an update by the manufacturer helps.

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