Xiaomi launches the most economical HUD screen for vehicles on the market

Xiaomi launches the most economical HUD screen for vehicles on the market

Under the Carrobot brand, Xiaomi has launched a new HUD (Head Up Display) type display for vehicles on Youpin . A new model that becomes the most economical option on the market without sacrificing quite interesting features.

Specifically, this new Carrobot HUD allows us, once placed on the dashboard of our car, to display all kinds of data related to the vehicle projected on its small transparent screen.

Be it the speed, the revolutions per minute, the fuel level or even the GPS indications, this new gadgets is capable of displaying quite a striking way all those provided by the car through its OBDII port . Likewise, thanks to its Bluetooth connection we can connect our smartphone to see any incoming call or show any notification received.

To visualize the data, a small transparent screen is used, which even if it is just in front of our viewing angle, will not interfere when you are completely attentive to the road. In total it has up to 12 brightness levels , configurable automatically or manually.

Xiaomi Carrobot HUD, features and price. Xiaomi Addicted News

For the projection a system of 120 LED lamps capable of clearly displaying the projected data without high consumption is used. It also has protection against blue light , thus avoiding eye fatigue after long hours of driving.

Price and availability

Best of all is its price, and if you access Youpin, its price does not exceed 399 yuan , about 65 euros to change ($ 72). Even so, as can be expected in these products that are launched for sale through crowdfunding, it can only be purchased directly in China.

In the same way, we will most likely see it on sale in AliExpress recognized stores such as My YouPin Store .

Source | Youpin

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