Innovation from Bosch: Does it really need a stroller with electric drive?

Innovation from Bosch: Does it really need a stroller with electric drive?

For a long time, Bosch was known above all for the production of drills. In fact, it is a giant corporation, which is considered, among other things, as the largest automotive supplier in the world. For some years now, the company has been focusing on the subject of electrification. For example, in 2009, the company's engineers developed an electric drive for bicycles. In the meantime pedelecs and e-bikes are sold more and more every year. At more than seventy suppliers, Bosch drives are installed. The corporation now apparently wants to repeat this success with another driving device: the eStroller is a stroller with two electric motors installed in the rear axle.

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With immobilizer and theft protection

These provide uphill for additional drive and brake downhill a little with. The engine brake also prevents the car from rolling away when parents let it go. The device is not controlled by levers and buttons, but by using a smartphone app. There, for example, it can be set how much the electric motors should support propulsion. In addition, an alarm function can be activated. This can be useful, for example, when the stroller is parked at the store just before the store. Sensors in the axles also ensure that a large amount of data is available. For example, you can see how long and how fast you were traveling in one day. The range, however, is limited by nature: You can reach about 15 kilometers per battery charge.
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It is a completely new product category

The Swedish pram manufacturer Emmaljunga has already announced that it will launch the technology for the first time at the beginning of next year. The selling price has not yet been communicated. But that depends on how big the market for such a product really is. After all, baby strollers have been moved for ages without an external drive – whereas two-wheelers with a drive have been around for quite some time. Whether many customers are really willing to pay a premium for electrical support remains to be seen. Unlike an electric car, the use of the electric motor does not improve the climate and environmental balance. Basically, for a company like Bosch, which has a wealth of electrical drive expertise, it makes perfect sense to look for new uses for the technology.

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