A new success of the Xiaomi sub-brand: more than 3 million Redmi AirDots sold in just 5 months

A new success of the Xiaomi sub-brand: more than 3 million Redmi AirDots sold in just 5 months

Since its separation to form a completely independent brand, Redmi has done nothing but reap very good sales results. Either with its successful Redmi Note 7 that with relative ease has exceeded 20 million units sold worldwide or the new case of the Redmi AirDots , wireless headphones that in 5 months have broken a new record.

Specifically, it has been the firm itself who, through its profile on the Weibo social network, has made public the great demand that the Redmi AirDots has had, a wireless headset that above all has become a great attraction for its low cost that on many occasions they do not exceed 20 euros.

As Redmi has specified, in just 5 months since its launch for sale, more than 3 million Redmi AirDots units have been sold, a figure that takes special prominence if we take into account that in July, sales close to the million units

The Redmi AirDots are a success and get 3 million units sold in 5 months. Xiaomi Addicted News

Advertising poster published by Redmi on Weibo.

Undoubtedly, a success for the Xiaomi sub-brand, demonstrating day by day that their products have nothing to envy to those of the main brand , that is, those of the Xiaomi Mi range, offering in this case, very similar alternatives but at a much cheaper cost.

What Redmi AirDots offers us and where to buy them at the best price

Redmi AirDots become the cheapest wireless headphones of the Xiaomi sub-brand. Specifically, these headphones have a charging case capable of protecting and charging them by simply inserting each headset inside.

They have a Bluetooth 5.0 connection and an autonomy of up to 4 hours thanks to its 40mAh battery that are increased up to 12 hours thanks to the charge supplied by its 300mAh case. Each headset weighs only 4.2 grams and features the Realtek 8763 chip, offering great sound quality, noise reduction (DSP) and integrated microphone.

Buy xiaomi redmi airdots cheap cheap bluetooth wireless headphones best price

If you want to get hold of them you can do it from this link that will take you to AliExpress with shipping from Spain . Its price is only 18 euros and you will enjoy 2 years warranty . Similarly, if you want to save a little more or you are simply from another country, you can buy them from this other link at a price of only 15 euros ($ 17).

Source | Weibo

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