Find audiobook at Spotify: You need to know

Find audiobook at Spotify: You need to know

Spotify not only has the latest chart hits, the streaming service also has tons of audiobooks on offer. We explain how you can find radio plays on Spotify.

Use Spotify search

  1. Start Spotify and log in.
  2. Enter "Hörbuch", "Hörbücher" or "Hörspiele" in the search field at the top left.
  3. The search results are unfortunately a bit confusing.
  4. In addition, it should be noted that many audiobooks in Spotify are available as shortened and unabridged versions. Search with the word "unabridged" as a supplement.
  5. Under the point "artist" you can select from various audio book providers such as Reclam or Edition A and follow it.
  6. Under "Albums" you'll find suggestions for the most popular single audiobooks.
  7. Under "Playlists" you'll find suggestions for good lists of different audiobooks.
  8. Alternatively, for example, we recommend this public playlist .
  9. For a little more overview we recommend the search for a specific author or work.
  10. Unfortunately, Spotify does not offer a general search for the category audiobooks.
Spotify audio books

The search for audiobooks on Spotify is a bit awkward.

Use an app as a tool

If you want to enjoy mobile audiobooks at Spotify, you can also use the handy app Spooks. This is available for Android and iOS for download.

Spooks for Android

Spooks for iOS

The app offers various categories for browsing such as thrillers or thrillers. In addition, novelties can be displayed. The directory is created manually and the user can submit their own suggestions, which he found on Spotify. If an attractive audio book is discovered by Spooks, the app will simply redirect to the entry in the Spotify app.


  • With Spotify you can also search for audiobooks, but the search results are not very clear.
  • A separate category for audiobooks does not exist.
  • The search should therefore be made directly after the author or work, possibly with the addition "unabridged".
  • Alternatively follow audiobook list of another user or use the handy app Spooks

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