APT 70: The autonomous transport drone completes successful first test flight

APT 70: The autonomous transport drone completes successful first test flight

Drones have long played a major role in the considerations of hauliers. This is basically no wonder. After all, they offer the potential to cost-effectively use the airspace and so solve a variety of problems. So far, however, the transport of goods by drone is still the absolute exception. This depends on the one hand with some regulatory requirements. Above all, however, no real everyday product seems to be on the market yet. This would change the US company Bell. The company is working on a multicopter that is able to bring goods weighing a maximum of around 31 kilograms completely autonomously to its destination.

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Japanese expertise has also flowed

This could be an important milestone. Because of the autonomous flying capabilities there are numerous new applications. Above all, it would be much easier to integrate such a drone into existing work processes. But until that happens, some time will pass. At least the APT 70 has successfully completed its first test flight. "We are excited to have reached this milestone and look forward to developing the technology for our customers," said Scott Drennan of Bell. Also successfully tested was a development of the Japanese cooperation partner Yamato. The engineers there have dealt with the question of how the goods are picked up and taken off again.
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The first demonstration flights will take place next year

The rest of the year will now be used for further test flights. If they are successful, the first demonstration flights will take place next year. Then the drone will no longer just float in the air, but fulfill specific tasks and thus prove various skills. First, the flights will take place over known territory. Later, the drone should also show that she finds her way in completely new areas. The managers of Bell and Yamato then hope to be able to begin the commercial use of the autonomous transport drone as early as the beginning of the 2020s. As always with new technologies delays are not excluded.

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