For 200 passengers: The world's largest electric ferry starts operations at

For 200 passengers: The world's largest electric ferry starts operations at

The electrification of shipping traffic is currently limited to a few subsectors. For example, for container ships, some of which are on the road for a few weeks, there are simply no sufficiently powerful batteries. However, things are a bit different with ferries. Because these only travel relatively short distances and regularly return to the same ports. Here you will always have the opportunity to recharge the battery. For some time now, an electric ferry has been connecting Denmark and Sweden . In principle, of course, the bigger the ferries with an electric motor, the more CO2 can be saved. Against this background, it is quite gratifying that the Ellen now the largest electric ferry in the world has started operations.

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The items come from different European countries

This runs between the Danish islands of Ærø and Als. The first test drive completed the ship already on 15 August. From September, the ferry will be integrated into the regular operation. Specifically, this means that up to 200 passengers and 30 cars are driven back and forth a total of seven times a day. One battery charge theoretically lasts for 22 nautical miles – which corresponds to approximately 40 kilometers. The top speed is 15.5 knots. In other words, it can reach speeds of almost 29 kilometers per hour. The ferry is also a kind of European joint project. Thus, the hull comes from Poland, while the electric motor comes from Finland and the battery comes from Switzerland. In turn, the whole thing was assembled in Denmark.

The operating costs should be significantly lower

The operators are hoping for two main advantages with the new technology. On the one hand, enormous amounts of climate emissions and air pollutants are to be saved. In concrete terms, this includes 2,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and 42 tonnes of nitrogen oxides. In addition, the electricity is much cheaper than the previously used fossil fuels. Specifically, the operating costs should fall by about 80 percent. Should this forecast prove true, the higher cost of acquisition would also pay for itself over time. Other ferry operators seem to have already done similar calculations. Because the Ellen is not long the largest electric ferry in the world remain: So next year, the Amherst Island ferry will be completed, which will provide space for 300 people and 42 cars.

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