Google ARCore lands on new devices, including the Xiaomi Mi A3

Google ARCore lands on new devices, including the Xiaomi Mi A3

For those who are not familiar with the term, ARCore is the Google platform capable of creating augmented reality experiences on Android, designed initially as a direct competitor of Apple's advanced ARKit .

An interesting platform that is based on the monitoring of the place where we are through the camera of our smartphone. For this, the different points, the moving angles are identified to identify the position or direction of the smartphone, detecting flat surfaces and estimating the area's illumination. In short, a large set of measures capable of offering a fairly advanced augmented reality experience .

Today, ARCore is already compatible with various Android smartphones, including several Xiaomi devices. An extensive list that not only includes high-end smartphone, but also others such as the newly launched market, Xiaomi Mi A3 .

Specifically, a total of 7 new smartphones have been added to the current list of ARCore-compatible devices, including Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, Realme X and the new Xiaomi mi A3, a smartphone under the platform Android One presented just a few weeks ago.

You can also read: Xiaomi Mi 9 starts receiving Android 10 in its latest update of the development version of MIUI 10.

Without a doubt, very good news for Android users, because thanks to the Xiaomi Mi A3 and Realme X they will be able to access the Google virtual reality platform without the need for a high-end device. Remember that if you want to check if your smartphone is compatible with ARCore you can look for it in this official list .

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