Xiaomi presents its new wireless vacuum equipped with UV sterilization

Xiaomi presents its new wireless vacuum equipped with UV sterilization

Today Xiaomi presented its new Mijia wireless vacuum . A new product for the home that comes equipped with a new UV sterilization system capable of guaranteeing 99% effectiveness against the main bacteria we can find in our day to day.

This new vacuum cleaner has a characteristic design of clean and white lines that characterizes Mijia's products. In its upper part we find a large clamping handle made of soft touch materials, while in its lower part it has a large opening of 20cm ideal for vacuuming large surfaces such as the home sofa or the mattress of our bedroom.

Inside we find a powerful high speed motor that thanks to its 850,000 rpm guarantees a suction power of 16kPa . Likewise, this new wireless vacuum adopts multiple vertices cyclonic separation technology , achieving an effectiveness of up to 99.97% when it comes to trapping the smallest dust particles (even those of 0.3 microns).

New Xiaomi Mijia wireless vacuum cleaner with UV light. Xiaomi Addicted News

To perform sterilization against bacteria, mites and alérgeneos, this new vacuum Mijia uses a de-humidifier PTC hot air, and a high frequency system capable of generating up to 12,800 beats per minute.

As we said, this new vacuum cleaner is of the analog type, with a battery capable of guaranteeing a total of 28 minutes of uninterrupted use . Likewise, a special base is used for loading.

Price and availability

For now, this new Mijia wireless vacuum will only be marketed in China starting at a retail price of 549 yuan , about 70 euros to change. Similarly, its price under the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform is 499 yuan, a saving to reach a cost of about 63 euros.

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