Xiaomi Jeeback Neck Massager G2: This is the new neck massager that is triumphing in China

Xiaomi Jeeback Neck Massager G2: This is the new neck massager that is triumphing in China

One of the latest products that Xiaomi has launched for sale under the Youpin crowdfunding platform is the Jeeback Neck Massager G2 . A new neck massager that already triumphs in China thanks to its great result able to relieve neck and back pain of those who spent long hours sitting at the computer.

The time we live in, in which computer science or office tasks have evolved to the fact that we spend a large number of hours sitting in front of a computer , our neck suffers from excess muscle tension. This is coupled with various circulation problems that in the long term can cause chronic muscle aches, cervical deformations or even poor blood supply to our brain causing headaches and dizziness.

Jeeback Neck Massager G2, this is the new Xiaomi massager

That is why Xiaomi has launched its new Jeeback Neck Massager G2 , a new neck massager whose design is scarf type thus allowing its simple placement along our cervicals. Its weight is only 190 grams and adopts a very attractive aesthetic combining a white ivory color with small touches of silver metal mirror effect.

Xiaomi Jeeback Neck Massager G2 massager, features, price. Xiaomi Addicted News

On the side that goes to our neck we find three rotating heads that thanks to its smooth movement in 360º adapt perfectly to anyone. These are capable of generating low frequency pulses of type TENS , simulating the main massage techniques. In total it has 15 levels , as well as an automatic mode.

In addition, Jeeback Neck Massager G2 has a novel hot compression function , helping the main circulation problems that result in cervical pain. A high sensitivity sensor effectively controls an exact temperature of 42 ° C thus helping to take care of our cervical spine in the coldest months of autumn and winter.

For its charge, this new massager uses a USB Type-C port that together with its long-lasting battery guarantees an autonomy of approximately 8 days if we use it daily for 30 minutes . It is also accompanied by a remote control, being also compatible with our smartphone from which we can configure and activate its operation.

Price and availability

As we said, the new Jeeback Neck Massager G2 is being a success in China and that after its sale on Youpin already reaches 3 million yuan raised, about 378,000 euros to change. Its price is 249 yuan , about 31 euros to change.

Source | Youpin

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