"The OA": Netflix releases the Sci-Fi series after season 2 from

"The OA": Netflix releases the Sci-Fi series after season 2 from

That's it with "The OA". Netflix has dropped the sci-fi series after season 2 without hesitation – to the displeasure of the fans. Now the question arises: Can the show possibly still be saved?

Three years had to wait for fans of "The OA" on season 2, 2019 it was time. Finally, there were some answers to various open questions from the first episodes. However, fans have new questions after the current eight episodes. And right now Netflix pulls the plug.

Is there a return on Netflix?

In a statement, Cindy Holland, vice president of Netflix original content, thanks the creators of "The OA" Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. "We look forward to working with them again in the future – in this or another dimension," says Holland, Mashable said.

Does this tease her about a possible comeback of the duo? It sounds like Marling and Batmanglij could plan another joint project that even plays in the same universe as "The OA". A spin-off? A prequel or sequel series? These are of course pure speculation, perhaps it is meant by Holland even as a consolation, not to tell the fans directly that there will be no reunion.

Fans mad about Aus from "The OA"

Reasons why Netflix will discontinue "The OA" were not communicated. However, the streaming service regularly takes shows off the program like most recent Marvel series . The fans do not like that, so they vent their displeasure in the social media: "First 'Santa Clarita Diet' and now Netflix can also cancel 'The OA'? What good is it, if you make great original content and no Opportunity to develop? "Comments Twitter user Ghallidizzle the off.

Another user tweets this post:

Save "The OA"!

Under the hashtag #SavetheOA fans are now trying to get enough supporters. Maybe there is another streaming service that takes care of "The OA" and continues the story? In remote series such as "Lucifer" or "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" this action has finally paid off.

broadcast Tip

The first two seasons "The OA" are still available for download on Netflix. Whether the series remains on Netflix or at some point is completely removed from the streaming offer, is not known.

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