Special Ideas for "It: Chapter 2": Only for clowns!

Special Ideas for "It: Chapter 2": Only for clowns!

Cosplay event or protective measure for terrible moviegoers? "It: Kaptitel 2" is shown in some US cinemas in special performances only for clowns. Those interested can look forward to a sweaty movie experience among like-minded people – everyone else on grotesque photos from movie theaters full of Pennywise clones. In addition, the final poster for the "It" sequel has now been published.

The cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse hosts the clown performances of "Es: Kaptiel 2" in 17 cinemas across the US, Indie reports . Sensitive moviegoers may at least hope that now in regular performances rare clowns land on the neighboring seat.

Similar events to the first "It" remake were sold out all the time, it was expected with similar success. Alamo Drafthouse was in the headlines in 2017 because at that time the company offered "Wonder Woman" images for women only.

Now, Alamo Drafthouse invites fans to experience "It: Chapter 2" as a clown with "wig, oversized trousers with straps and bloody make-up" along with clown colleagues. Since the film appears to be over length , you should prepare for almost three hours in the dark and in full disguise.

Final movie poster stirs the anticipation of "Es 2"

Warner Movies has now also released the final movie poster for "It: Chapter 2", which should further fuel the anticipation of the 5th of September. The first part brought in more than 700 million US dollars worldwide, so Bill Skarsgård was quite convincing in the role of Pennywise. The sequel plays 27 years later and shows how the losers – now grown up – again against the horror clown must compete.

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