Xiaomi inaugurates its first “Mijia Juice Shop” juice store and puts on sale a new fruit grinder

Xiaomi inaugurates its first “Mijia Juice Shop” juice store and puts on sale a new fruit grinder

As the company had announced, today, July 29, Xiaomi inaugurated its first Zumería in China called “ MIJIA JUICE SHOP ”, a small establishment where you can taste a wide range of natural juices .

It has been Lei Jun, CEO and founder of Xiaomi, who through his own Weibo account showed us today the new establishment. In addition, taking advantage of the occasion, the company launched a new fruit crusher, the same model with which you will prepare your favorite juice if you go through one of these establishments that are now exclusive to China.

Specifically, as we can see in the following images, this new “ MIJIA JUICE SHOP ” is a small establishment, since its objective is to become a place where we can order our favorite drink to take away.

Also, even with small dimensions, it has several seats and tables where we can share with family or friends a refreshing crushed drink with the new Mijia juicer.

New Mijia breaker with rechargeable battery

During the opening ceremony Xiaomi presented its new fruit crusher under the Mijia sub-brand . A new product that joins the wide catalog intended for the home.

As usual in this type of products, its predominant color is white, also having a transparent container that can be used as a glass . Its capacity is 350ml and thanks to its motor and stainless steel blades it allows us to have our favorite juice ready in just 40 seconds .

New Mijia fruit crusher. Xiaomi Addicted News

Best of all is its compact size that, together with its rechargeable battery, allows us to take it anywhere. In total, after a 2-hour charge it will allow us to make up to 15 juices without having to connect it again to the power supply.

Source | Weibo

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