Redmi TV 70 and Redmi TV 40: This could be the two new cheap TVs in the sub-brand of Xiaomi

Redmi TV 70 and Redmi TV 40: This could be the two new cheap TVs in the sub-brand of Xiaomi

A few days ago the first rumors began to appear regarding the possibility of Redmi joining the television market. A new market strategy that seemed to be quite logical and is now confirmed through its 3C certification from China .

Specifically, as can be seen in the 3C certification unit of China, the Xiaomi sub-brand will not only launch a new television, but will do so for the first time with two 40 and 70-inch televisions .

Although this new certification only shows us its model number L70M5-RA and L40M5-FA , everything makes us think that they will be of the above-mentioned inches and that they will also have a 4K resolution panel, that is, 3,840 × 2,160 pixels . Also, these televisions would be up to Xiaomi's own incorporating its famous Patchwall system that seems so much in love in China.

Redmi TV 40 and TV50, two new televisions from the Xiaomi sub-brand. Xiaomi Addicted News

3C certification of the Redmi TV.

Also, various experts say that these two new TVs will become the most economical Smart TVs in the market and consequently, becoming the most accessible option at 4K resolution.

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Undoubtedly, although this is a very good option for all those who want to get a quality TV at an economical price, we must see what features are what will differentiate the Xiaomi and Redmi TVs so as not to compete with each other .

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