Upbus: In Aachen, a hybrid of cable car and bus

Upbus: In Aachen, a hybrid of cable car and bus

is being built

Numerous German inner cities are blocked by the motorized individual traffic – that is, cars – clogged. Cable cars could help defuse the problem. Such is planned , among other things, in Cologne . However, such can not be built anywhere. UNESCO, for example, should make sure that no gondolas affect the view of the World Heritage Site of the Cologne Cathedral. A conceivable solution has now been developed by Professor Kai-Uwe Schröder and his research assistant Tobias Meinert from RWTH Aachen University. First of all, the Upbus is a classic transport vehicle of public transport with electric drive. At the central station of Aachen, the bus could collect its passengers. But then he heads to a ground station of the planned cable car and here begins the trick.

Image: RWTH Aachen

The chassis remains on the ground and is charged

Because the passengers do not have to get in and out of the car to get into the gondola of the cable car. Instead, the bus connects directly to the rope via a newly developed coupling. The electric bus becomes a cable car gondola. However, this only applies to the upper part of the vehicle. Because chassis and battery are left behind and can be charged in the meantime. Once arrived at the destination, the gondola is placed on a new chassis and acts again as a classic bus. In this way, the cable car allows a 30-second cycle. This would mean that between 4,000 and 6,000 people could be transported in each direction per hour. However, the two initiators do not want to develop a completely new vehicle.

In four years, the first test track should be usable

Instead, it is conceivable that the e.Go movers also developed in Aachen will be adapted accordingly. So far, however, these plans are still in their infancy. Instead, the professor and his colleague have now built a miniature wooden model. This miniature version will then be presented at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The required coupling between bus and cableway, in turn, no longer has to be invented. It bears the name iBoss and was originally developed to connect several mini-satellites in space. If everything goes according to plan, the first test track will be opened in 2023 with an upbus. The first passengers should be able to board on this.

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