Multicon: So becomes useless desert sand valuable building material

Multicon: So becomes useless desert sand valuable building material

There is certainly a certain irony that in many Arab countries, the sand is scarce . In fact, this has a serious background. Because for the construction of houses only coarse-grained sand with corners and edges can be used. This is found, for example, on beaches, on the seabed or under the ground – but not in the desert. The sand has already been sanded down so much by the wind that it can no longer be used for concrete production. The United Arab Emirates therefore partially imports sand from Australia. But a Munich startup called Multicon now wants to have found a much simpler solution. A new process is also to make the desert sand usable for the construction industry.

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Cement serves as a binder for the fine-grained sand

The central figure of the company is the 72-year-old chemist Helmut Rosenloch. For a long time he ran a concrete plant in Saxony-Anhalt. There he was moved by the question of how he could reduce the proportion of expensive cement in concrete production. Finally, he developed a high-speed mixer that mixes cement with water, gravel and sand. As a result, the properties of the individual materials also change, so that ultimately about 40 percent less cement is needed than before. This alone would be an exciting development. But Rosenlöcher has gone a step further. Because he used the saved cement to make the desert sand usable. Again, the developed high-speed mixer plays an important role.

Marketing is initially focused on the Middle East

First, however, the desert sand is ground to fine dust. This powder in turn is then bound with cement – in said new development. The result is finally a granulate that can be used in regular concrete production as well as classic building sand. In Germany, however, the invention should initially not be needed. For one thing, there is enough building sand here – even if it is currently getting more and more expensive. On the other hand, there is no desert sand here. The situation is different on the Arabian Peninsula. This is exactly where Multicon intends to use the patented process for the first time. A first customer should already exist in the Middle East. The name is still kept secret.

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