1002 tons of traction: This can be the strongest ever approved in Germany truck

1002 tons of traction: This can be the strongest ever approved in Germany truck

Anyone traveling on Germany's highways during the week will be able to confirm that there is no shortage of trucks in this country. These are usually designed only for standard transport. Heavy and special transports, on the other hand, require special vehicles. The company Viktor Baumann from Bornheim has specialized in this area. For several decades, the company has handled such transports throughout Germany. Some time ago, the company approached the truck manufacturer MAN and the vehicle manufacturer Toni Maurer with a special request: they needed a truck with particularly high tractive force. Together, the two companies set to work and built Germany's strongest truck: The MAN TGX 41.640 8 × 6/4 BBS has a gross vehicle weight of 1002 tonnes.

Photo: Toni Maurer GmbH & Co. KG

The truck was completely rebuilt

Specifically, the following values have been approved: 500 tons with one towing vehicle, 750 tons with two towing / pulling vehicles and 750 tons with two towing and one pushing vehicles. Never before has a truck been officially registered in Germany with such a tractive force. In order to meet the customer's requirements, a MAN series heavy-duty tractor was first disassembled into its individual parts and then reassembled. Among other things, the engineers installed a new front axle, redesigned the transfer case and provided frame reinforcement along the entire vehicle. The engine is powered by a 640 hp engine with 3000 Newton meters output torque. Ultimately, a unique piece was created that is unique in the world so far.

The first mission has already been successful

But it will not be long. Baumann has already ordered a second copy of the special truck. The background: For certain transport journeys, a twin pair of vehicles is always needed. It should also be clear that the special production with a lot of traction will not have been a bargain. How much the MAN TGX 41,640 8 × 6/4 BBS has cost exactly, the two companies did not want to betray. The truck has at least already successfully completed its first mission: a fifty-meter long container for the chemical industry was transported from Abensberg to Münchsmünster. At Baumann, one is sure that this will not be the last order by far. Because the company now owns a unique selling point with the MAN TGX 41.640 8 × 6/4 BBS.

Via: General Anzeiger Bonn

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