The hammer! Taika Waititi returns as director for "Thor 4"

The hammer! Taika Waititi returns as director for "Thor 4"

Once is not even! In 2017 director Taika Waititi delivered the financially most successful solo film about the god of thunder with "Thor 3: Day of Decision". Now it is clear: The filmmaker ventures with "Thor 4" to the next sequel!

Taika Waititi has signed the directing deal for "Thor 4", reports The Hollywood Reporter . The Marvel supporter Freud, however, the manga fans suffering: The production of Waititis "Akira" -Realverfilmung will be put on hold for the time being "Thor 4".

Thor 3 director Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi (2nd from right) will also set the tone for "Thor 4".

"Thor 4" vs. "Akira"

Originally, the new "Akira" movie by Warner Bros. was due to hit theaters in April 2021. Due to concerns about the script, however, the shooting start was postponed until the shooting dates for "Thor 4" and "Akira" were too close together. Despite the delay: According to anonymous sources, Warner wants to stick to Taika Waititi as director of "Akira". Even the inconsistencies because of the script are now largely eliminated.

Taika Waititi on the road to success

With "Thor: Day of the Decision" Taika Waititi scored a direct hit in 2017, critics and fans were equally enthusiastic. Best proof: On the rating platform Rotten Tomatoes , the sequel is 93 percent positive review critics and 87 percent positive ratings (as of July 2019). At the box office, the comic book also dismissed: "Thor 3" played more than 853 million dollars worldwide (via Box Office Mojo ).

Given this success, it is hardly surprising that Marvel Waititi got back on board for "Thor 4". In addition, Chris Hemsworth is likely to slip again in the role of title hero.

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