"Resident Evil 3": Video shows Nemesis and Jill Valentine in HD

"Resident Evil 3": Video shows Nemesis and Jill Valentine in HD

An official announcement of the "Resident Evil 3" remake is pending. Now, however, modders have even put their hands on and polished up the third part of the horror series in HD. A must-see for all fans!

For a full ten minutes, the video of the "Resident Evil Seamless HD Project" (RESHDP) demonstrates what the original 2000 game might look like in HD. Main protagonist Jill Valentine is on the run. Carlos Oliveira and also Nemesis himself have a short appearance.

HD upgrade for wallpapers and 3D models

The basis for the mod are backgrounds that have been scaled up using machine learning. Above all, the clip impresses with the sharpness of detail that the team achieves by using a special tool. This analyzes the complete game data and creates new textures from it. In addition, the 3D models have been revised and also given the in-game menus a polished exterior.

Resident Evil 3 compared between original and HD optics

The comparison between original graphics and HD optics shows the difference.

The desire for a "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis" remake is likely to be even greater with many fans, thanks to the work of the RESHDP.

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