Xiaomi appeals to all users affected by the ghost touch of the POCOPHONE F1

Xiaomi appeals to all users affected by the ghost touch of the POCOPHONE F1

There is no doubt that the POCOPHONE F1 was one of the best selling smartphones and at the same time with the best performance / price ratio of the past 2018 . An ideal smartphone for all those who were looking for great performance without having to spend a large amount of money, sacrificing the finishes and construction materials.

Even so, several of the series that were launched on the market of the POCOPHONE F1 presented several failures related to its screen. Phantom touches , freezing, strange behaviors and so many problems that numerous occasions made the precise use on the screen of this smartphone complicated .

Now, Alvin Tse , head of the POCO Team project, has posted on his own Twitter a new appeal to all those users of the POCOPHONE F1 that after updating to stable version continue to experience problems with the screen of their device.

Alvin asks that these users write an email [email protected] informing of their problems. Specifically, the POCO Team chief emphasizes that users who continue with these errors send their user ID, contact information, description of the problem, Feedbanck ID, as well as videos and / or photos to the aforementioned email address. that show this strange behavior on the screen of their devices.

Although Alvin Tse has not given more information about it, we believe that Xiaomi could issue a replacement unit to the owners affected by this problem in the POCOPHONE F1. Therefore, you should write to the email that we have provided if you are one of them.

Source | Twitter

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