MS Roald Amundsen: The world's first hybrid cruise ship is set sailed at

MS Roald Amundsen: The world's first hybrid cruise ship is set sailed at

The company Hurtigruten offers cruises all over the world and can trace its roots back to the year 1893. It is one of the best known and most traditional companies in the industry. Such a long and successful company history is not possible without regularly adapting to new developments. An example of this could be the cruise ship MS Roald Amundsen, which has now successfully completed its maiden voyage. Because the huge ship is no longer driven solely by heavy diesel engines. Instead, batteries and an electric motor were installed. The captain can therefore switch between the different drive types at any time. In the long term, CO2 emissions should drop by around twenty percent.

Picture: Hurtigruten

In Norwegian fjords, exhaust gases are undesirable

It is no coincidence that a Norwegian company, of all people, is driving the electric drive on cruise ships. Because the country has been fighting for some time against the pollutant emissions of the big cruiser. This is particularly problematic in the fjords of Norway. If there is no wind there, huge exhaust clouds hang in the air for days on end. The country's authorities have already responded by refusing to grant permits to older ships lacking environmental standards for a trip to the fjords . This should not be a problem for the MS Roald Amundsen. Because as long as the ship is traveling with electric propulsion, no pollutants are blown into the air. However, diesel engines will continue to be used on most of the line. For a pure electric drive, the storage technologies are not yet sufficiently developed.

A trip to the Antarctic should honor the namesake

Apart from the special propulsion form, the MS Roald Amundsen is a normal cruise ship with the usual amenities on board. Guests will find bars, restaurants, panoramic saunas, an infinity pool, an observation deck, a seven-deck LED screen and numerous whirlpools. This year, the cruise ship will first complete tours along the Norwegian coast and to Spitzbergen. Later, a trip south to the Antarctic is planned. For the company Hurtigruten ends with a long wait. Because originally the ship was to be put into service already last year. But there were many delays. However, the experiences made in this way should help to stay within the timetable for the construction of two planned sister ships.

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