The new Xiaomi CC9e receives a large number of criticisms for its screen and processor

The new Xiaomi CC9e receives a large number of criticisms for its screen and processor

During the day yesterday Xiaomi presented its new range focused on mobile photography, a total of three smartphones that have come under the name Xiaomi CC. We talked about the Xiaomi CC9 , CC9e and CC9 Meitu Custom Edition , three different models that apparently are not being what the fans expected .

Specifically, as we have been able to read through several Chinese media, the most economical and compact model, ie the Xiaomi CC9e has received a large number of criticisms , mainly for its low resolution screen and for incorporating a processor that does not really have a significant breakthrough in the mid-range.

If we remember, the new Xiaomi CC9e has an AMOLED screen of 6.088 inches . So far so good, the "problem" is given by its poor resolution, and is that this is only 1,560 × 720 pixels , that is, this new model considered "mid-range" has an HD + screen standing at the height of other low-end smartphone or entry .

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The criticisms are not there and that is that if we continue to review its features, inside we find a Snapdragon 665 processor . A new version manufactured by the American company Qualcomm that has not liked the majority of Xiaomi fans. And, according to these critics, the Snapdragon 665 has almost the same performance of the Snapdragon 660 seen in the Redmi Note 7, but including improvements related to artificial intelligence.

Even so, Wang Theng Thomas , product manager of Xiaomi, after receiving this large number of criticisms regarding the principle that seems to be a smartphone disappointment, has argued that the goal of the Xiaomi CC9e was none other than to offer a terminal that even with a fairly tight price, have a great photographic quality .

In addition, Thomas added that the goal of Xiaomi has always been to promote products at low prices , maintaining a high quality within the logical and possible. And, you have to bear in mind that this device starts from just 1,299 yuan , about 167 euros to change. Being thus a quite logical price for a screen and processor of this type.

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