Another five years: Samsung is convinced of the end of the smartphone

Another five years: Samsung is convinced of the end of the smartphone

The Korean Samsung Group recently did not always have a lucky touch with newly developed smartphones. So it turned out at the big announced Galaxy Note 7 soon, that the battery overheated too quickly and the device so partially caught fire. Ultimately, the entire product line had to be pulped. Also presented with a lot of effort Galaxy Fold with a retractable display proved to be not practicable. Testers discovered first breakages after only a few days. Samsung's boss of the mobile division DJ Koh took over the responsibility for this now: he had demanded the launch of the product too soon. At the same time he surprised with a forecast for the future: in about five years, there will be no more smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 models. Picture: Samsung. Source:

Smart devices should make the smartphone superfluous

"The last ten years have been the era of the smartphone. From this year, there may be a new era with the Internet of Things, 5G, artificial intelligence and the combination of all these technologies. The new era lies ahead, "the top manager said literally. However, he does not fear for the future of his company, which after all produces the most smartphones worldwide: "Smartphones may disappear, but new devices will be created." He also has advice for his employees: "We have to think about smart devices "His prediction: Soon, people will have numerous interactive and interconnected devices, each with its own interaction interface and used only for specific tasks.

Samsung has not been very successful in the field so far

The smartphone as an all-rounder would have served then. This would particularly affect the major smartphone producers worldwide. Besides Samsung, these are mainly Apple and Huawei. But also Google with the widespread operating system Android is very active in the market. The forecast of Koh can also be understood as a wake-up call to your own people. So far, Samsung is not yet completely successful in developing smart devices. Thus, the Apple Watch dominates the market for smart watches, while the products offered by Samsung are experiencing difficulties. An even worse picture arises with smart speakers. While Amazon is currently ahead of the pack, Samsung announces a corresponding product for some time. So far, however, these words were not followed by any deeds.

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