Xiaomi launches what is probably the most economical mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red on the market

Xiaomi launches what is probably the most economical mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red on the market

Every day we see how much of the peripherals and gadgets manufacturers focus on the field of Gaming . A clear example that reminds us of the great success of eSports (Virtual Sports) and the need to manufacture new competitive devices for this sector.

A clear example of this is this new Gaming keyboard that Xiaomi has released for sale through its collective financing platform Youpin . Specifically, this new peripheral is characterized by integrated Cherry MX Red switches, one of the best solutions in the eSport market.

This new keyboard comes manufactured in PBT , a material that being more resistant than ABS plastic , guarantees a much stiffer structure , ideal to absorb any blow you receive after our long hours of use playing our favorite video game.

New eSport Xiaomi gaming keyboard with Cherry MX Red keys. News Xiaomi Adictos

To reduce costs, this new keyboard of Xiaomi has no LED lighting , so it will only have the typical pilots that indicate the status of the number blocker, uppercase or offset. That yes, its size and layout is complete, that is, has a numeric keypad thus facilitating the work when making calculations. In addition, it has a shortcut to block the Windows key and thus not leave the desktop by accident during our game.

Inside we find a 32-bit ARM processor , which thanks to its sampling rate of 1,000Hz guarantees ultra-low latency. This favors our competitive gameplay in video games where we need a quick response time to get ahead of our enemy. Your connection is made through a USB type 2.0 .

One of its strengths are its Cherry MX Red mechanical switches. In particular, these switches are the most modern of the firm and stand out for their driving force and also be one of the most used among the most famous players of the eSport . In total, it has 102 keys equipped with this successful mechanical switch, which has a 2-millimeter operating point .

The new Xiaomi CC9, CC9e and CC9 Meitu Custom Edition are now official!

Price and availability

For now, this new keyboard has only been put on sale in China but most likely it ends up appearing on AliExpress as you can find other models from this link . The best of all is its price, since to make us with it we will only need 349 yuan , that is, about 45 euros to change.

Source | Youpin

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