Xiaomi puts on sale NEXGIM IA: A new static bicycle equipped with artificial intelligence

Xiaomi puts on sale NEXGIM IA: A new static bicycle equipped with artificial intelligence

Under the Youpin crowdfunding platform , Xiaomi has a myriad of products for sale dedicated to sport or as in this case in particular, to the realization of exercises in our home. An example of this is this new static bike equipped with artificial intelligence .

NEXGIM IA is characterized by integrating a new artificial intelligence system capable of learning from the movements, effort and daily activity of the user, in order to improve the way in which he uses his own bicycle and to carry out an exhaustive control of the physical exercise carried out.

This new static bicycle has a fairly compact design of only 1.210x880x505mm and a weight that does not exceed 28KG . In its lower part it has a rebound surface that allows us to protect the load of our legs, thus reducing the main knee injuries . In addition, this system reduces the noise caused by the rotation of the exercise, thus avoiding disturbing our neighbors.

His saddle is made of low hardness fabrics in order to ensure a correct posture but without bothering us during a long period of sporting activity. In its front we find a LED type screen and a small rotating rotor that will allow us to adjust the resistance.

Its 5-inch LED screen is in color and we can see the cadence, the resistance applied, the duration of the activity or some other interesting data such as caloric consumption or the distance traveled. Likewise, this screen is loaded automatically with the own turn of your we can, which have an easy adjustment strap.

NEXGIM IA has its own smartphone application . From it we can synchronize all the data monitored by the bicycle, as well as perform various exercises as a " virtual spinning class ".

Price and availability

As usual in this type of products can only be purchased in China through Youpin . Its price is 1,599 yuan , about 204 euros to change, which would be 231 US dollars .

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