Walmart: Artificial intelligence prevents fraud at the supermarket cash register

Walmart: Artificial intelligence prevents fraud at the supermarket cash register

Numerous studies have already tried to predict which jobs could be particularly vulnerable to digitization in the future. In this context, the seller is often mentioned at the cash register in the supermarket. For example, Amazon is already experimenting with stores without cash . Other markets at least rely on stations where customers can scan their goods themselves. The development in the US chain Walmart now shows that probably the job of the department store detective could be in danger in the long run. Because the group relies on artificial intelligence to prevent – deliberate and accidental – thefts. According to their own statements, the system has already been tested successfully and has helped to limit the corresponding losses.

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The cash registers are monitored automatically

In fact, signs are already hanging on many supermarkets today, indicating a video surveillance. In part, these are only for deterrence. In some cases, the images are actually monitored by human employees. At Walmart, on the other hand, the cameras are mainly aimed at the point of sale. The innovation consists in the fact that the images are evaluated by an artificial intelligence, which reports unusual processes directly. For example, a customer at a self-service checkout puts an item in her backpack without having previously scanned it. In this case, the market employees receive a signal and can ask the buyer to do the same. In addition, however, the cashiers occupied by employees are also checked.

Walmart relies heavily on artificial intelligence

Because even there it happens again and again that individual products are not scanned properly. Often these are not bad intentions but problems with the technology. Again, the artificial intelligence can help. Walmart did not want to reveal in detail how much the loss of unpaid products could actually be reduced with the help of the new software. But the company is known for using artificial intelligence to help employees with their work. For example, a new store was recently opened, where the level of the shelves is monitored in real time. Employees always know where and when they need to refill goods.

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