Race into space: India plans to build its own space station

Race into space: India plans to build its own space station

The Indian space research was formerly a little laughed at. However, this changed when it was possible to send a probe to Mars. The special feature: The Indians realized the project for a fraction of the usual costs. This impressed the NASA experts, so even a cooperation was agreed . The Indian Space Agency ISRO has now given a little insight into their future plans. Accordingly, the probe Chandrayaan-2 will launch to the moon later this year. Afterwards, two unmanned test flights are planned before the first Indian astronaut will be launched into space in 2022. This would allow the country to enter an exclusive club. Because so far only the United States, Russia and China have actually brought their own astronauts into space.

Transport rockets have already shot India successfully into space. Photo: ISRO

The space station will be used for scientific experiments

But the plans of the Indian authorities go even further. So it became known that the construction of an own space station should begin afterwards. This will stay in space in the long run and allow Indian astronauts to live there for 15 to 20 days. This time is enough to do a variety of scientific experiments. The announcement represents a change of course in India's space strategy. For a long time the country also negotiated a stake in the international space station ISS. But these discussions have so far led to no result. Instead, there was even a dispute over the test of an Indian anti-satellite missile. Because the wreckage of the test-shot satellite posed a serious threat to the ISS.

Participation of other countries is not planned

India's Prime Minister Modi then described his country as the fourth major power in space – alongside the US, Russia and China. In this context, the plans for their own space station can be seen. Consequently, the authorities also emphasize that India is not dependent on foreign aid for the construction of the space station. Financing should also be entirely from own resources. However, the Indian space program is not free from criticism in this regard. Because it is often pointed out that the funds should be better used in the context of poverty alleviation. However, there are also many experts who emphasize the long-term benefits of the research and therefore consider the expenditure to be meaningful.


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