Xiaomi mocks smartphones with notch in its new commercial of the Mi 9T

Xiaomi mocks smartphones with notch in its new commercial of the Mi 9T

Undoubtedly, the design of the new Xiaomi Mi 9T has captivated a large number of fans of the brand and of technology in general. And, thanks to its retractable pop-up front camera is able to eliminate the hated notch of your screen.

There is no doubt that the natural evolution of mobile technology is to get a smartphone without any type of notch or notch and also have virtually no bezels. This is achieved with either the retractable camera alternative or the new front-facing camera technology that even seems to be closer than expected.

Now, Xiaomi has published several advertisements laughing at the other smartphones that have some kind of notch and forgetting in part, that they themselves still have a wide range of devices with this notch on their screens.

Similarly it is clear that the company has made a breakthrough with its new Redmi K20, K20 Pro and Mi 9T, advancing the future of mobile technology at a fairly affordable price for virtually any pocket.

As you have already seen in the various advertisements, the company makes fun of notch as it is a notch that does not feel "natural" on a smartphone at all . A "fix" as many consider, that was carried out to give a feeling of an "all screen" when in fact it was not. And you, with what system do you stay, notch or retractable camera ?

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