Window Solar Charger: This clever gadget brings solar energy into every home

Window Solar Charger: This clever gadget brings solar energy into every home

Homeowners have it comparatively easy in terms of solar power: you can have solar panels installed on your own roof. But if you live in an apartment or travel, you often have to live with the existing power mix. The company Grouphug would like to change this now at least to a small extent. The developers there have therefore designed a solar charger that can be attached using a suction button on each window. There it uses the direct sunlight to generate and store electricity. If necessary, then your own smartphone can be charged. This procedure is certainly more cumbersome than simply connecting the charger to the power outlet. But you can be sure to use only sustainably produced electricity.

Picture: Grouphug

The battery is integrated in the frame

The company also attaches great importance to being an attractively designed product. The frame is therefore made of bamboo and also serves as a screen for the integrated battery. This built-in power storage is a great advantage of this particular solar charger. Because it makes it possible to charge the smartphone at any time day or night – and not just when the sun is shining. In turn, there are four solar modules between the wooden bars. These require about ten hours of sunlight to fully charge the battery of the device. If you hang the construction in the window in the morning, you can recharge your smartphone with solar energy in the evening after a successful working day. Not very often, though.
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The developer wanted to solve a specific problem

According to the developers, an iPhone can be fully charged approximately twice. With Android devices, only about one and a half loads are possible. The Window Solar Charger was developed under the leadership of Krystal Persaud. For years, the founder of Grouphug was struggling with the problem that she was unable to source solar power in her New York apartment. She therefore decided to develop a technical solution herself. The gadget is currently being sold on the platform Kickstarter. There is the cheapest version available for $ 149. The delivery should then take place in April next year. Already, orders with a value of more than 30,000 euros have been made in this way.

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