Xiaomi drops for the first time the official price of its current flagship, Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi drops for the first time the official price of its current flagship, Xiaomi Mi 9

One of the advantages or not … of Xiaomi phones, is their price drop once they have been on the market for several months. And the fact that the price, even of its flagships, drops a few weeks after its launch, allows its followers to buy at a lower price virtually any smartphone company.

Even so, this price decrease affects all those who have bought a smartphone from the Chinese company at the time of its launch and see its possible sale price in the second-hand market subsequently, it has dropped drastically.

And now, Xiaomi has officially announced the first price decrease that will suffer its Xiaomi Mi 9 in China, reducing around 30 euros less . In this way, to get this price drop to the international market, the 499 euros from which part of the 6GB version of RAM and 128GB of storage (It is the one that will reduce its price in China) would be reduced to 469 euros . A price that if it was already quite low compared to other high-end, now attract many new buyers.

You can now buy it for just over € 300 / $ 340

Similarly, it should be noted that this price decline is only for official media, as through other vendors such as AliExpress or stores as recognized as Gearbest , we find the Xiaomi Mi 9 from about 329 euros . A price that undoubtedly make it a fully recommended purchase, since we must not forget that we are talking about a high-end.

Therefore, below we leave you several Amazon and Gearbest links where you can buy it at the best price of the network, whether you live in Spain or in any other country in Europe or America:

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