Xiaomi and Oppo try the new Huawei operating system, will they abandon Android?

Xiaomi and Oppo try the new Huawei operating system, will they abandon Android?

By all it is known that Huawei is currently going through a big bump in its race to become one of the largest companies dedicated to telecommunications. Even so, it is clear that the Chinese company is willing to face Google with its own operating system , something that to date we ignored but now it has been uncovered that Xiaomi and Oppo are also "stuck in the bush" .

And it seems that, as reported by the Global Times , Xiaomi and Oppo are currently testing with the system Ark OS (HongMeng in China) developed by Huawei. A strange movement that could give us to understand that the main Chinese brands are joining forces to stop this great decision taken by President Trump.

Will Xiaomi leave the Android operating system?

Before clarifying this big question we have to be clear that both Xiaomi and Oppo have their own layers of customization based on Android, ie MIUI and ColorOS . Two customization of the operating system that undoubtedly have a high number of fans within the Android landscape.

It is also necessary to be clear that Huawei , Xiaomi and Oppo together with Samsung and Apple form the Top 5 of vendors of smartphones worldwide, so any new decision would entail the change of three fifths of the world market , which in this case corresponds to Chinese manufacturers.

With this, what we want to say is that, if the decision to leave the operating system of Google were finally carried out, the market lost by the American company would be enormous. This along with indications from the US government that advises that Huawei continue within the Google ecosystem or the very fact that Trump has already let us see that it could lift the Huawei block , makes us think that Xiaomi probably does not abandon Android .

The only thing that is clear is that Huawei has no fear of continuing to work without Android and that, in addition, Ark OS is in a much more advanced stage than we imagined . The big question will be whether Huawei's final decision will be taken with the rest of the brands from the same country.

Source | Global Times

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