Xiaomi presents its new portable and submersible shaver under the sub-brand Mijia

Xiaomi presents its new portable and submersible shaver under the sub-brand Mijia

Among the extensive catalog of Xiaomi products, we find all kinds of devices intended for use during our leisure or business trips . Among this, Xiaomi has presented its new portable razor that is characterized by its double cut ring for a better shaving and its ability to submerge.

This new travel shaving machine has a structure made of ABS plastic and metal , thus guaranteeing its great resistance against bumps and scratches . In addition, its reduced measures of only 56x30x87mm and its reduced weight make it ideal for storage between any corner of our suitcase.

Main characteristics

One of the great innovations of this new Mijia razor from Xiaomi is found in its IPX7 waterproofing certification, allowing us to clean it underwater or directly shave while we are in the shower . Specifically, this certification guarantees adequate use in a maximum depth of 1 meter of fresh or salt water .

On the front of this matte black shaver there are two LED indicators that will let us know the state of the battery as well as its block. In addition, it has a central button from which we can operate it or directly block it so that it does not start up accidentally.

Its blades placed in a parallel way forming a double ring get a shaved up to 0.1mm and also provide comfort against the irritation of our skin. These rotate at a speed of 7,200rpm and are made of sanitary metal which, in addition to being totally stainless, guarantees care even in the most sensitive skins .

In addition, its blades manufactured using EMC technology are arranged in a V-shape in order to access those areas of our face where a flat position would prevent a comfortable and close shave.

Its rechargeable battery through USB Type C port will allow a continuous use of up to 90 minutes . In turn, we can recharge 100% of your battery in just 2 hours .

Price and availability

This new travel shaver has a price of 79 yuan , about 10 euros to change, that is 12 US dollars . For now it is only available for sale in China through Youpin, although it is expected that in the coming days we can see it through AliExpress .

Source | Youpin

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