Instead of expensive special ships: offshore wind turbine can be installed via WLAN

Instead of expensive special ships: offshore wind turbine can be installed via WLAN

In front of the Canary Islands, there is a wind turbine that has been producing electricity since the beginning of this year and feeding it into the grid. At first glance, this message does not sound particularly spectacular. It is interesting, however, if you look at the history of the plant. The Spaniard Javier Nieto and his team have invested seven years in research to develop a very special design. The trick: The base of the windmill acts as a floating raft at the beginning and can be brought to the desired location by a simple tractor. There, the built-in valves can be opened so that water enters and the foundation sinks to the seabed.

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Rental costs in six to seven figures can be saved

In addition, there is another trick: The tower of the system can be extended. The rotors can therefore already be installed in the harbor and the wind turbine can be transported as a complete product over the water. When the foundation has sunk to the ground, the telescope tower goes off and you can start producing electricity. All of these processes are controlled from the land using a WLAN signal. The use of on-site specialists or special ships is not necessary. Theoretically, this can save enormous costs. Because only the specialized ships are rented at daily prices of 200,000 to 300,000 euros. In addition, there are the labor costs including various surcharges. Inventor Nieto hopes to be able to convince numerous companies of the special wind turbine in the future.

A first wind farm is already in planning

That's why he was careful not to use extraordinary materials. Instead, the entire windmill is made of concrete with steel reinforcements and can be built without special knowledge. Theoretically, therefore, the invention could be used in almost any country in the future. So far, however, there is only one prototype that proves that the technology actually works. In a next step, the installation of a small wind farm is planned to show potential customers further reference objects. Subsequently, the product is to be developed for series production, so that a production in large quantities is possible. Then it will also be shown whether the self-installing wind turbine is actually cheaper than the classic offshore turbines.

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