"Game of Thrones" star teases novel end for his character at

"Game of Thrones" star teases novel end for his character at

The last season "Game of Thrones" has run, the fight for the Iron Throne decided. However, only on the screen. In George RR Martin's novel series, the finale is still out – and could therefore be quite different. The fate of a certain figure, however, seems to remain the same …

Attention, spoilers!

The following news contains monstrous spoilers for the final of the eighth "Game of Thrones" stats. So you continue reading at your own risk.

This final development also comes in the "Game of Thrones" novels …

That at least revealed Bran actor Isaac Hempstead Wright in conversation with HBO's Making Game of Thrones . There, the actor explained that series creator David Benioff and Dan Weiss had learned in advance in conversation with George RR Martin two action points that the author for Bran have firmly planned: The tragic Hodor-knowledge – and Brans coronation to the King of Westeros. "It's very special to be directly connected to something that belongs to George RR Martin's vision," says Hempstead.

… or not?

Whether the Three-Eyed Raven will actually find its way onto the Iron Throne in the novels in the end, still has to show itself. After all, Martin recently stated in his Not a Blog that the butterfly effect naturally had an effect on his work as well. In other words, a tiny decision at one point in the novel may ultimately have a huge impact and lead to a completely different outcome than the author might originally have planned.

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The "Game of Thrones" finale is available via Sky Go, Sky Ticket and Sky On Demand .

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