Sleep tracking on the Apple Watch: What's up, which apps are there?

Sleep tracking on the Apple Watch: What's up, which apps are there?

The Apple Watch scores with sophisticated health features, but can the watch also monitor sleep? And if so, how? What is possible in terms of sleep tracking with the Apple Watch, we explain here.

Sleep Tracking on the Apple Watch: What is Possible?

Although the Apple's own health app has an area for tracking sleep, on Apple Watch 3 and Co., the function can currently be used only with the help of third-party apps. That could change in the foreseeable future. Some time ago, news circulated that Apple had been testing its own sleep tracking feature for its flagship wearable for several months.

The function should therefore hold on to one of the next Apple Watch models collection. Whether it will be so far in the fall of 2020, when the new generation of smartwatch appears, has to be proven. Currently, the low battery capacity of the wearables is a major obstacle to a meaningful sleep analysis: In general, the Apple Watch must be charged at least every two days – what many users do overnight.

Apple Watch Sleep Apps Samio20-AdobeStock_247885903

For a practicable sleep tracking, Apple has to get out of bed at the Apple Watch in terms of battery life.

To make the Apple Watch a useful sleep tracking device, the tech company has to screw on the battery – or come up with an alternative solution.

The 5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for the Apple Watch

Until sleep tracking is available as an Apple feature on the watch, users need to work with third-party apps. There are several of these, the following five applications are among the currently best rated sleep tracking apps for the Apple Watch.

AutoSleep Sleep Tracker

Auto Sleep Sleep Trackers iTunes Tantsissa

The Sleep app AutoSleep Sleep Tracker can even record your sleep conditionally if you do not carry your Apple Watch in bed.

It's particularly easy to record the night's sleep with the app AutoSleep Schlaftracker . If you are wearing your Apple Watch while sleeping, the application not only monitors the time you fall asleep and wakes you up, but also restlessness, waking hours and heart rate, and determines the quality of your sleep.

A "Tweak Mode" lets you set whether you sleep rather quietly or restlessly. Customizable notifications, a widget and analysis details make sure you keep an eye on your sleep.

  • Price: 3.49 euros

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle iTunes Sleep Cycle AB

The App Sleep Cycle should help you, in conjunction with your Apple Watch, to sleep better.

Sleep Cycle can also be used as an intelligent alarm clock. Upon request, the application will gently bring you out of sleep with a silent alarm when you are in an optimal sleep phase. Time windows of up to 90 minutes can be set for this.

The Sleep app also provides you with daily detailed statistics on your sleep and synchronizes all data with Apple Health. Other features are available via in-app purchase, such as finding long-term sleep trends and controlling smart Philips Hue bulbs.

  • Price: free with in-app purchases

Sleep ++

Sleep ++ - iTunes Cross Forward Consulting LLC

If you wear your Apple Watch in bed, Sleep ++ monitors your sleep quality.

The Sleep ++ app leverages the motion and health tracking capabilities of your Apple Watch and automatically records sleep duration and quality data. You'll receive a detailed report every morning and you can synchronize all data with the Apple Health app if you wish.

Memories at bedtime and daily sleep goals should help to achieve the best possible night's sleep. If you want, you can also track your sleep manually with the app, so you can switch the sleep tracking on and off yourself.

  • Price: free with in-app purchases


Pillow-itunes-Neybox Digital Ltd

Pillow is one of the most comprehensive sleep tracking apps for the Apple Watch.

The app Pillow offers a lot of sleep tracking features for the Apple Watch, also works on iPhone and iPad. The application starts automatically with the tracking and terminates the sleep analysis independently. In addition to the default sleep phases, Pillow records your heart rate during the night and displays the values along with the sleep details.

Based on your sleep cycle, the app recommends you the optimal time to go to bed, also can be recorded by audio feature nocturnal "noise" such as snoring. The audio feature, however, must be unlocked as an in-app purchase. Manual sleep tracking is also part of the scope of the app.

  • Price: free with in-app purchases


Beddit iTunes Beddit

The Beddit app works only with its sleep monitor sensor.

Apple has 2,017 sleep tracking developer Beddit taken over and its eponymous app revamped. The big difference with other sleep-tracking apps: At Beddit, you do not have to carry your Apple Watch in bed for a detailed sleep analysis. The Beddit Sleep Monitor makes it possible.

The flat sensor is placed under the bed sheet and measures in conjunction with the Beddit app sleep time, heart rate, breathing and snoring sounds. In addition, the duo records room temperature and humidity. All information is presented at the end as a comprehensive sleep analysis prepared in the app and automatically synchronized with the Apple Health app.

  • Price: free

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