"Thor's" movie "Akira" has an official start date

"Thor's" movie "Akira" has an official start date

The fact that Taika Waititi would make the real film version of the cult-anime "Akira" has been known for some time now. Now finally an official start date is fixed.

Since 2017, we know that Taika Waititi, the director of "Thor 3: Day of Decision", as the next major project would tackle an implementation of the cult-anime "Akira". And now the thing is slowly becoming concrete, because the official launch date is now fixed: On May 21, 2021 we will see if the likeable New Zealander manages the sensation and he delivers the first really successful real-movie version of a popular manga and anime. This is reported by The Wrap .

It will be apocalyptic in 2021

The "Akira" movie is not just a normal blockbuster, but something like the holy grail for anime fans. After all, the animated original from 1988 is regarded as the absolute milestone of the genre. Many hard-hitting fans of the cult anime are even of the opinion that "Akira" in principle, no longer allowed to bring to the canvas, in whatever form – after all, the implementation of the same manga is almost perfect and untouchable today.

"Akira" is about the young biker Shōtarō Kaneda, who is drawn into an apocalyptic plot around a powerful telepath in the dystopian Neo-Tokyo of the (then still distant) year 2019.

Serious or humorous?

No, a really funny thing is the dark "Akira" really not – some fans are already worried about whether Taika Waititi is the right man for this delicate task. After all, he has with the successful vampire comedy "5 rooms, kitchen, casket" and especially with "Thor 3: Day of the decision" his strong sense of humor demonstrated.

We are very curious to see if Waititi can live up to the high expectations and finally deliver a really successful anime movie version – the last experiment in this direction was "Ghost in the Shell" of 2017, which did not go down well with anime fans ,

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