Ambitious plans: New Amazon bracelet should recognize emotions

Ambitious plans: New Amazon bracelet should recognize emotions

Amazon has already integrated voice assistant Alexa into numerous products – from the Echo Dot to the Fire TV Stick. So far, however, the technology recognizes even in the best case, only what has been said. The underlying emotions are not recognized. For example, it makes no sense to yell at the language assistant. So far anyway. Because the news agency Bloomberg now reports on a new project from Amazon. Accordingly, there is worked on a bracelet that can recognize the emotions of the wearer. This is to be implemented via small microphones and the analysis of the voice. Ideally, the assistant's answers could then be adapted to the current mood – which would give Alexa a unique selling proposition to Siri and the Google Assistant.

Amazon Echo
The Echo family could be added.

A first patent has already been applied for in 2017

A possible application has already been described in a patent application from 2017. Thus, the software should be able to determine the best-fit recipe from the way someone announces that they are hungry. For example, if the user pulls up his nostrils while talking to Alexa, this would be a chicken soup to relieve the cold. However, this principle could basically be applied to a wide range of possible applications. Obviously, it is now planned to integrate this technology into a bracelet. This, in turn, could be connected to a smartphone app and interact with the user. Currently, it is still unclear how far the development has already progressed. So it is quite possible that the bracelet will never come on the market.

The Amazon smartphone flopped a few years ago

From a strategic point of view, however, such a product would make sense for Amazon. While Siri and the Google Assistant accompany the user almost everywhere via smartphone, most Alexa products are currently still in the home. A few years ago, Amazon had launched its own smartphone on the market. However, the Fire Phone was a massive flop and was set back in 2015. The bracelet could fill this gap in Amazon's product portfolio. However, the group seems to be aware that only enough customers can be found if the gadget has a unique selling point. Therefore, an attempt is now being made to integrate the technology for detecting emotions into the product.

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