This is the new retractable dog leash from Xiaomi and Marvel that you can now buy on AliExpress

This is the new retractable dog leash from Xiaomi and Marvel that you can now buy on AliExpress

Among the extensive catalog of products that Xiaomi adds to the sale on its Youpin platform, there are several of them dedicated to our companions and best friends dogs . Now, the Chinese company has put on sale a new retractable belt decorated with various related reasons Captain America and Black Panter , two of Marvel's most beloved heroes.

This new strap comes in a combination of reinforced plastic and metal, ensuring a long durability and that its surface is scratched as little as possible. Inside it has a battery of 800mAh capable of illuminating an LED bulb arranged in its front that will illuminate up to a distance of 5 meters thanks to its 100 lumens .

Its retractable strap that also has several light bands is held in a U-shaped spring made of stainless steel , ensuring great resistance against jerks and even torsion at angles of up to 180 degrees .

Said belt arrives made of polyethylene fiber , same material used in the field of aeronautics . In this way, a resistance against its friction against cutting materials is guaranteed at the time of our dog becoming entangled among them. In addition, its braking button has a greater accuracy without wearing the belt .

The most interesting thing is found on its surface that, in addition to being decorated with motifs related to Marvel superheroes , has an RGB circle that includes up to 1,530 different colors .

Price and availability

Although the price that we can find this strap on AliExpress is quite high ( € 87.70 ), in addition to offering an incredible personalization certified by Marvel , we guarantee a great durability , providing a very high use / life time.

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