You can now buy the new padlock with fingerprint reader from Xiaomi

You can now buy the new padlock with fingerprint reader from Xiaomi

It is clear that technology, little by little, has been reaching practically any device, tool or device that we use on a day-to-day basis . So much so that even Xiaomi put on sale a few weeks ago a new padlock with fingerprint reader for unlocking. A curious article that you can already buy in AliExpress through the link that we provide at the end of this article.

Padlock with Aerox fingerprint reader

The main objective of this new padlock with fingerprint reader is not just to facilitate our daily life, so that we do not have to carry any type of key and thus avoid any loss and therefore not being able to unlock and use our motorbike or bike.

It should be noted that although this new padlock has been specially designed for two-wheeled vehicles, its use can be carried to practically the stage where we need to immobilize either a gate, construction machinery and a long etcetera.

Main characteristics

This new padlock arrives under the Aerox brand, which has been manufactured in collaboration with Shenzhen Mars Exploration TEcnology . Its structure is made of 420 steel that has been coated in matt black PVC plastic at the same time.

Available in two sizes, the smallest weighs 1.2Kg and measures 224.8x130x32.2mm , while the larger version weighs 1.36Kg and measures 300x130x32.2mm . In addition, it has IP65 certification , making it resistant to rain .

For its correct operation it has a 260mAh battery, capable of guaranteeing a duration, with an average use of four openings a day, up to 12 months . Your recharge is done via USB Type-C in a total of 1.5-2 hours .

In addition to having a reader that only needs 0.5 seconds to recognize our fingerprint with a margin of error of only 0.001% , it has an opening using a conventional key that can be used in case the lock is left No battery.

Store: AliExpress | Price: € 56 / $ 62
Buy Aerox padlock on AliExpress

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