Xiaomi Mi 8 receives DC Dimming in its latest update of MIUI

Xiaomi Mi 8 receives DC Dimming in its latest update of MIUI

Apparently, as discussed in the various forums of Xiaomi in China, the Xiaomi Mi 8 has begun to receive the new attenuation DC (DC Dimming) in its latest update of MIUI 10 . A new functionality already present in the Xiaomi Mi 9 and that will gradually reach the rest of the company's smartphones .

Specifically, this new functionality arrives for the Xiaomi Mi 8 in its latest update MIUI 10 9.5.22 , occupies 324MB and comes as the only new or better functionality of that update.

If we remember, DC Dimming allows adjusting the input voltage of the screen , thus modifying its frequency at low brightness to avoid the annoying blinks and black bars that we can appreciate better if we record the screen of our mobile terminal from another camera or smartphone.

Undoubtedly, a new measure that makes even more complete the MIUI customization layer and is up to the task, in terms of this technology, to those of Oppo and Meizu that they have been incorporating into their terminals for some time now.

via | GizChina

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