Goldway, puts on sale the expected Redmi K20 at a price that is not at all expected

Goldway, puts on sale the expected Redmi K20 at a price that is not at all expected

The wait until the flagship Redmi K20 is officially announced is being longer than expected . And is that practically any fan of Xiaomi as mobile technology in general, is expectant to discover this new smartphone that aims to become the king of performance / price .

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Even without knowing much of its specifications as to what its price will be, Goldway , one of the most popular and recognized sellers of AliExpress that sells virtually all the Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones to the rest of the world, has added the mysterious Redmi K20 for sale. .

Specifically, the seller himself specifies that it is a reservation and that the features he advertises may vary up to the time of his official presentation. Even so, Goldway, which has low prices compared to other importers, places the Redmi K20 for sale at no less than 452.80 euros , about 507.30 dollars .

Xiaomi Redmi infinity, x, 855, possible name, features and flagship specifications Redmi. Xiaomi Adictos News

Possible final design of Redmi's flagship.

Undoubtedly, a much higher figure than expected , and if we remember, the CEO of Redmi, Lu Weibing said it would be an economic device , probably at a lower price than the Xiaomi Mi 9 that debuted on the market at a price of 450 euros .

Reserve Redmi K20 on AliExpress

Still, it should be noted that this practice is quite common among AliExpress sellers , adding a high price in reservations and then reducing it to the real price that will be known in its official presentation.

And you, what do you think about this price? What would be the fairest price for this Redmi flagship?

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