Affordable housing: In Latin America, the world's first housing estate is being built from the 3D printer

Affordable housing: In Latin America, the world's first housing estate is being built from the 3D printer

That 3D printers are basically able to help in the construction of simple houses, has been known for some time . Now these abilities are to be used for the first time in a big way. Therefore, the companies New Story, Fuseproject and Icon have launched a joint project. The goal: In South America to create a complete settlement, which was mainly built using a 3D printer. The companies involved already showed how this can work in the past year at the SXSW Festival in Texas. There, the Vulcan 3D printer needed only about 48 hours to build a simple house. Cost: About $ 10,000. Meanwhile, there is also a successor model, which should be ready even after 24 hours with the house construction.

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The 3D printer brings time and cost advantages

The basic procedure has remained the same. The 3D printer builds the basic structure of the building layer by layer. Then human labor is needed, for example, to use windows or to provide the house with a roof. Nevertheless, the technology promises above all two great advantages: First, the houses can be built very quickly. On the other hand, the costs are comparatively low. It is therefore no wonder that the now planned settlement in Latin America should arise. There is particularly much cheaper housing needed. In the houses should therefore only be allowed to live families who have less than $ 200 a month.
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The design can be flexibly adapted

At the same time, a 3D printer also offers the advantage that it can be flexibly programmed. The houses do not have a standard design, but can be adapted to the needs of local people. This is exactly what has happened in the last few months. After workshops and talks with the potential residents, the prototype was reworked and changed in some places. This is to ensure that the planned settlement is also accepted and quickly filled with life. In the next few months, pressure will begin on the first settlement. If there are no unexpected problems, it is planned to further expand the project and create even more living space by means of a 3D printer.

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