Boxing by App: An interview with the developers of "Packtor"

Boxing by App: An interview with the developers of "Packtor"

Sebastian Kinzlinger (33) and Judith Betz (33) developed the app "Packtor". Their most important tool: the experience of two world travelers.

Interview by Christoph Borgans

: Why do I need an app like "Packtor" to pack a suitcase?

Judith Bez: You indicate where you're going, how many, whether it's going to the hotel or the campsite, and the app will create a packing list that's as suited to your trip as possible. You can then check off gradually. And if you share it with your fellow travelers, together.

And then I have everything with me?

Bez: everything necessary. Because we advocate minimalistic packing, the app will only release the basics. But you can easily expand and change the list.

How did you start?

Bez: Of course with huge backpacks. Since we decided spontaneously in Papua to cross the jungle on foot and found out that even on the edge of the jungle, we still get everything, we have radically shortened the "just in case" things.

Sebastian Kinzlinger: I once dragged a heavy mosquito net all over Asia, syringes and scalpels for emergencies, a second pair of shoes, Gaffer-Tape …

And what does your luggage look like today? The default pack gate list?

Kinzlinger: Yes, if you click on "extra easy packing". Meanwhile, we are only traveling with hand luggage.

packtor app

I pack my suitcase and take it with me …

A life out of hand luggage – how does it work?

Kinzlinger: First of all, we have backpacks that you can unfold and pack like a suitcase. And then compression bags and pack sacks so the clothes take up less space.

Bez: And then with the clothes select a favorite piece and a favorite color and starting out the rest raussuchen. So that you can combine everything with each other.

Kinzlinger: If you make it a bit clever, you get into both a fancy restaurant and the mountain. For a shirt is always good for men. And instead of jogging shoes in squeaky colors perhaps comfortable sneakers in dark tones.

Let's be specific. I'll give you an item and you'll say if you'd take it with you. First: Solar Panel for mobile phone loading.

Kinzlinger: We had it. But sockets are actually widespread.

Bluetooth headset?

Kinzlinger: Yes, and with noise canceling – really the best, if you want peace and quiet on the way. They work actively against ambient noise, for example the noise in the airplane.


Bez: We have a sarong instead. This is a great multifunctional cloth that can also be used as a scarf, beach mat, shade dispenser, wrap skirt or summer dress. Is only one-tenth of the size and dries faster.

packtor app

Sebastian Kinzlinger and Judith Bez travel the world.


Bez: Totally important! You always have all the books with you. The dumbest thing is to bring real books along. But it took me a long time to break away from the romance of the paper.

Kinzlinger: In China, we met one who carried tons of books with him and then ripped out the pages immediately after reading. He left a trail of leaves throughout Asia.

You have started your app in Germany, but meanwhile you are on the way again?

Kinzlinger: Three years ago we gave up our residence in Germany to travel. Currently we live on the edge of the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria. Here it is reasonably priced and beautiful.

On test Kinzlinger and Bez equipment and give tips. The packing list generator "Packtor" is available for Android and iOS .


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