Blue Moon: This is Jeff Bezos' new lunar module from

Blue Moon: This is Jeff Bezos' new lunar module from

Jeff Bezos has regularly sold Amazon shares in the past. This did not happen because he doubted the future of the mail order company. Instead, he needed the money for a different vision: with the company Blue Origin he wants to revolutionize space travel and enable private flights into space. One of the first goals will be the moon. This is also related to political pressure. For just recently, US Vice President Mike Pence has urged NASA to return to Earth's planet as soon as possible. The US government, in turn, responded by expanding cooperation with private companies. In this context, Blue Origin signed a contract for the development of land system for the moon.

Picture: Blue Origin

Even people should find space in the lander

More importantly, NASA has already announced that it will sell analysis of possible landing sites on the moon to the private company. All this seems to have been reason enough for Jeff Bezo to force the plans for a flight to the moon now. In a convention hall in Washington, he therefore presented to the public the moon lander Blue Moon, which was constructed by his company. It was developed within three years and is able to fly up to four vehicles as well as scientific equipment and even people to the moon. All in all, up to 3.6 tons of cargo can be transported with the new device. A detailed timetable for the return to the moon does not yet exist.

Bezos considers the development of the solar system inevitable

Bezos merely said, "It's time to return to the moon – and this time to stay". The US government, in turn, has set the year 2024 as the target and Blue Origin announced that it would be able to meet this deadline. In space travel, however, there are already almost always traditional delays. However, Jeff Bezos leaves no doubt that sooner or later he wants to bring people to the moon. The colonization of space is not a pure hobby for him. Rather, he sees it as a necessity to prepare humanity for the future. He hopes, in this way, to be able to prevent, among other things, future energy crises. He obviously does not fear the task: "The future is in good hands," he announced in Washington.

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