Xiaomi plans to integrate in MIUI 11 some of these 5 new functionalities

Xiaomi plans to integrate in MIUI 11 some of these 5 new functionalities

MIUI is considered one of the most complete and yet most customizable layers of personalization in the Android landscape. Now, facing the arrival of summer, Xiaomi has been announcing several changes that we will see in the next version of MIUI 11 . A big update that usually integrates big changes and that for now we know that its slogan will be "MIUI 11: A new and unique operating system" .

As many of you will know, the MIUI developers team usually carry out several surveys or directly ask their users what new features they want MIUI to integrate . A great initiative that this time is facing new features that may integrate MIUI 11 .

Specifically, the MIUI team has published a list of 5 new features so that users choose or vote which one they find most interesting . In this way, the new functionality that is "winning" will be integrated into the new version of the famous customization layer, MIUI 11 .

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Without more we leave you the list of functionalities that the development team of MIUI has left published in its own official forum. Do not forget to leave in the comments box which of these new functionalities you find most interesting and that you would like to have in MIUI 11 :

  1. New screen capture animation . The screenshot could be seen next to the design of our mobile terminal, that is, the capture would be displayed as if we were actually viewing the screen of the smartphone.
  2. New tools in the application Notes : Brushes, brushes, eraser, etc.
  3. Intelligent voice recording : The MIUI sound recorder would have an intelligent mode capable of automatically eliminating some sounds or phrases that we unconsciously say when speaking: "mmm", "uh", "y", etc.
  4. New child mode : This mode would completely change the interface of the system, adapting it to the use for the youngest of the house: Applications with books, animated videos, new parental control system, etc.
  5. New health assistant : This new functionality would remind us of physical activity and provide us with advice related to physical well-being, as well as personal care advice.

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