Not only in China, Xiaomi is already the largest and most popular television manufacturer in India. Will Europe be next?

Not only in China, Xiaomi is already the largest and most popular television manufacturer in India. Will Europe be next?

Xiaomi is not only famous for its mobile devices, in addition to that, it has a large selection of products for the home , which little by little have been established among the Chinese community and now, they also do it in India. Specifically, we talked about Xiaomi TVs , a wide range that after being the most successful in China, now Xiaomi is also considered as the largest and most successful television manufacturer in India .

If we look back, it was on February 14, 2018 when Xiaomi landed with its televisions in the Indian market. Only 9 months later, the Xiaomi TV division managed to surpass the million units sold , thus achieving great growth in a fairly short period of time.

Now, practically more than a year later, Xiaomi is positioned as the most popular manufacturer and with the highest number of television sales in India. Mainly, this great result is due to their mutual collaboration with the largest content provider in India and, of course, their highly competitive prices .

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Undoubtedly, great news, and it is necessary to bear in mind that if Xiaomi has achieved this success with its televisions in China and also in India, everything could indicate that its landing in Europe or even in America could result in very similar figures .

2019 could be the year in which Xiaomi TV disembarks in Europe

If we remember, a few days ago the medium , reported that Xiaomi was finalizing the preparations for the disembarkation of their televisions in Spain . A new movement of the Chinese company, which as happened with its first official My Stores outside the Asian country, would result in the expansion of this type of products in Europe .

And, official source of Xiaomi, have confirmed that they are working on the recruitment of local staff , as well as in the negotiations with major brands dedicated to streaming video content such as Netflix to get their TVs to Europe.

Still, Xiaomi seems not to have a specific release date , although it is true that they hope to launch these new products before the end of the year . Therefore, in a matter of months we could have in our home, one of the Xiaomi televisions in its GLOBAL version, integrating a large amount of functionality and technologies, all at a very low price .

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